Safe2Tell Wyoming is a prevention-based reporting system established in 2016 in response to school tragedies occurring nationwide. The State of Wyoming passed legislation that created a tip line for students, educators, parents and the community to relay information confidentially regarding school and student safety concerns.

Recognizing information sharing between law enforcement and schools is the key to prevention and intervention. The bill allows for the delivery of information to law enforcement, emergency response personnel and school district officials as necessary to coordinate and effective approach to handle each tip.

Safe2Tell Wyoming was designed to help schools identify youth who are struggling in order to prevent violence and tragedies from occurring. A key component to the Safe2Tell Model in schools is educating and engaging students on what to watch for and what to report while equipping them with the resources to confidentially report concerns.

Safe2Tell Wyoming provides trainings, presentations, resources, promotional and marketing materials to Wyoming schools to increase awareness around the Safe2Tell model, promoting responsible use of the confidential reporting system.