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Safe2Tell Wyoming maintains a database that identifies teams of adults involved in student interventions at every school in the state of Wyoming. Members of the school teams may include principals, assistant principals, SROs, head counselors, district security directors and school psychologists. Each year, the contact information for all those involved in receiving Safe2Tell Wyoming reports at each school needs to be updated in order to ensure the timely delivery of Safe2Tell Wyoming reports. In some districts, this process is handled at the district level and some choose to have each school update their own information. Please check with your school leadership about how this information is updated in the Safe2Tell Wyoming system, as well as who is authorized to make contact changes. School contact information is updated each year using the School Contact Form.

Safe2Tell Wyoming staff may contact the primary listed school contact to verify any contact changes submitted before entering the new information into the Safe2Tell Wyoming system. For assistance with updating your contact school team contact information, please contact Safe2Tell Wyoming administrative staff at 307-777-8787.


Please note: The School Contact Form is for school administrators, counselors, and law enforcement only. If you need to make an anonymous report to Safe2Tell, click here to access the online web report.