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You may have some questions about Safe2Tell Wyoming. If so, browse through the topics listed throughout the site and then look below for more information. If you don't find your answer, call us at 307-777-8787 or email us at

QUESTION: What is Safe2Tell Wyoming?

ANSWER: Safe2Tell Wyoming is a confidential tip line utilizing three means of communication (web report, mobile app, or toll free phone number) to report safety concerns or threats of violence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It allows for students, parents, and community members to make a confidential report on any threats to their safety or the safety of someone else ... in a way that keeps them SAFE.


QUESTION: How does Safe2Tell Wyoming work?

ANSWER: Anyone who has information about a potentially dangerous situation can call the toll-free, statewide number at 1-844-WYO-SAFE (996-7233), or make a web report by clicking the Submit a Tip button at the top of the page, or by downloading the mobile app and making a report from a smartphone. A trained Wyoming Highway Patrol Dispatcher will answer the call, web or mobile app tip, collect the needed information, and put the information in a report. No one will make the caller give his or her name or ask for any kind of identifying information.


QUESTION: How do I make a call?

ANSWER: To call Safe2Tell Wyoming, dial 1-844-WYO-SAFE (996-7233) from any phone. That means you can call from your home, a friend or relative's home, a pay phone, school phone, cell phone ... any phone for FREE. Once you have told the call taker about your concern, you'll be given further instructions as needed.


QUESTION: How do I make a web report?

ANSWER: Click HERE and fill out the online form. Click submit and you will receive a unique tip report login number and password. If more information is needed, you will need to use your tip report login and password to access your tip and provide additional information, videos or photos. A dispatcher may two-way dialog with you for additional information using the login feature.


QUESTION: How do I make a report using the mobile app?

ANSWER: You’ll need to download the Safe2Tell Wyoming mobile app for ios from the Apple Store or for android devices from the Google Play store. Once the app is installed, you’ll click Submit A Tip, select the city and school the information should be sent to, select the type of concern your reporting, and complete the Event Information form with as much information you can provide. Photos and video may also be uploaded to provide additional information and evidence. Once you click submit the tip to send the information you’ll receive a unique login id and password to access your tip and provide additional information, if needed. Each tip submitted will have a unique login and password assigned.


QUESTION: How do I remain anonymous?

ANSWER: Safe2Tell Wyoming dispatcher and web/mobile reports will assign you a tip number for your tip. Our report takers will not ask you for any personally identifiable information. You will be assigned a tip number (not your name) along with a password. If we need more information about your case, we will use the two-way dialogue feature using the login id and password assigned to you. Be sure to save your tip number AND your password so you can log-in and check for messages from Safe2Tell Wyoming.

QUESTION: When should I make a report to Safe2Tell Wyoming?

ANSWER: You can call us or make a web report 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Safe2Tell reporting resource is a free service; you can call or make web reports from anywhere and your identity is safe. Tips only are accepted on the tip line number, web report, or mobile app. NOTE: Calls to our administrative line, emails, and social media posts are not protected from the public records act and are not processed as confidential tips.

QUESTION: Why should I report to Safe2Tell Wyoming?

ANSWER: You should report to Safe2Tell Wyoming anytime you have information about something bad that could happen or about a crime that has happened. This includes, but is not limited to, gang activity, guns or other weapons, drugs or alcohol, fights, suicide threats, bullying, or sexual crimes.


QUESTION: What happens to the information reported to Safe2Tell Wyoming?

ANSWER: A trained report taker puts all information that is called in to Safe2Tell into a report. All reports are sent to the appropriate school and/or law enforcement officials and then Safe2Tell Wyoming receives a disposition report detailing the action that was taken and the result.

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