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how does law enforcement receive reports?

When a tip is received by Safe2Tell Wyoming your communications center will receive a faxed copy of the tip from the Sandy Hook Promise National Crisis Center, which is our answering point. The tip will include all information submitted by the reporting person as well as the Tip ID # , the Disposition ID # , and the web address for making the disposition report.

The tips can be assigned for follow up through your own internal process. When complete a disposition report is done through the provided web address.

We know law enforcement has become busier and busier over the years and resources are thin. Safe2Tell is a quick and concise reporting program that is web based and simple to work with. This program works to move information quickly to those that can take proactive measures. It is up to the department to decide how the tip is assigned and handled. The school also receives the information so coordination can take place if necessary. Not all tips will have a law enforcement nexus, but some will.


Our request is that an up to date fax number for your local dispatch center is provided to our office and that each report is assessed for any needed law enforcement action, and if action is taken by your agency a disposition report is completed.

If you have any questions regarding Safe2Tell Wyoming, please contact our administrative offices at

307-777-8787 or

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