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information for patrol officers who investigate safe2tell Wyoming reports

Safe2Tell Wyoming relies on key relationships with local law enforcement agencies,

school resource officers and emergency responders to respond to critical, life-saving tips.

Following is a brief overview of how the Safe2Tell Wyoming bystander program operates:

  • All Wyomingites (students, parents, teachers, community members) can confidentially submit a school safety concern to a trained professional via a toll free number, mobile app, or our website.

  • Calls, web and mobile app reports are answered 24 hours/day by the Sandy Hook Promise National Crisis Center. You may call the Sandy Hook promise National Crisis Center at 844-996-7233 to have them asked additional information, or inform Safe2Tell Wyoming administrative staff (307-777-8787) if you would like to post a request for more information. Make sure to have the report identification number available for reference.

  • The caller is given a code number and password to preserve their confidentiality. 

  • Caller ID, web tracking and other means of identifying the reporter are not used.

  • Information is forwarded to a team of proper officials, whether it’s the school team, law enforcement, or both, who will respond to the concern or threat.

  • All valid information received through Safe2Tell Wyoming is forwarded for investigation, to law enforcement, schools, or both, as the severity of the situation dictates.

  • Safe2Tell Wyoming tracks the outcome of all forwarded tips through required disposition reporting.

How to provide follow-up once you’ve investigated:

  • If you are a patrol officer or investigator not currently assigned to a school, you may use our quick online form below to submit a disposition report from our website. Please provide the Safe2Tell Wyoming report number and date of call with the appropriate action and outcome.

  • If you are a school resource officer or security officer currently assigned to a school, please complete a disposition report using your P3 login information. You will need to enter Disposition/In-Progress Notes, as well as select all applicable outcomes and trends on the right hand side.

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