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Cheyenne, WY – Safe2Tell Wyoming will soon be able to launch a statewide social media marketing campaign to reach and educate students on topics such as suicide, depression, self harm, bullying, etc. This is due to a grant received from the Casper Area Local Board of the Wyoming Community Foundation.

Safe2Tell Wyoming is a state organization serving Wyoming with a confidential school and student safety tip line. The Safe2Tell program was developed specifically to encourage those with information about a possible event to report it. All reports are confidential, with the reporter’s identity protected, and each tip is followed up on to determine what action was taken. Safe2Tell Wyoming has worked to provide a confidential alternative for kids to start a conversation on issues they are facing and believes funds received will strengthen the work being done.

Safe2Tell Wyoming Program Manager, Bill Morse, says “The support of the Safe2Tell Wyoming program by districts, law enforcement and communities has been outstanding. The Safe2Tell Wyoming Program has been incredibly positive to the community.” Safe2Tell Wyoming raises awareness of the issues facing young people today and empowers them to be part of the solution.

To learn more about Safe2Tell Wyoming or to donate, visit or contact our office at (307) 777-7878 and

The Wyoming Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works with donors to support the charitable causes they care most about. In 2017 the Wyoming Community Foundation granted $6.3 million to charitable causes across the state.

For information call 307-721-8300 or visit their website at

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